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e4fun E-Scooter

e4fun E-Scooter

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499,00  149,00 

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Electric scooters are the latest big trend

Who doesn't love being able to jump on an e-scooter to cover the few hundred metres between home and the underground or tram in double quick time and without any effort or stress? The built-in electric motor and battery makes it so easy. The E-Scooter is then folded up and taken on board the public transport (no matter whether it’s a bus, tram or suburban train).

Our E-Scooter has a range of 15-25 km and is suitable for adults (up to 100 kg) as well as children. The maximum speed is 20 km/h (12 mph), which is fast enough to reach your destination swiftly. The battery can be recharged in 2-3 hours. Our E-Scooter has 2 independent brakes, a front light, a red rear reflector and an on-board computer, which shows you the current speed, the state of charge and the distance ridden. It can also be used to adjust the motor’s power settings.

Affordable price!

Our retail price of €149 is currently the lowest price in UK, Ireland, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and Austria (as of 27.2.2019). How can that be? It’s simple! We (our purchasing and sales team) have decades of experience in the trade and especially with scooters. In 2000, our management imported well over 300,000 scooters and sold them to many satisfied customers. Even then we were price setters.

High quality!

We are currently having our E-Scooter built exclusively for us in China under our quality controls, which gives us both a quality and a price advantage that we are happy to pass on to our customers. Our E-Scooter will be shipped to you from the nearest warehouse to your location and we naturally provide a guarantee on our products (see guarantee conditions).

You are only one step (click) away from your new E-Scooter, which will give you and your family hours of enjoyment!

Your children can also have fun with the E-Scooter, both in their free time and on their way to school. For children, the emphasis is on fun and enjoyment, since riding a short distance on an E-Scooter should be an experience and not a burden. And parents can leave their car in the garage with peace of mind.


  • Powerful electric motor
  • Foldable
  • Weighs just 7.2 kg
  • Speeds of up to 20 km/h (12 mph)
  • Max. range of 25 km
  • Max. rider weight of 100 kg
  • Ideal for city tours
  • Replaces your car for short distances
  • Can be taken onto any kind of public transport
  • More freedom and dynamism
  • Save costs - no parking fees
  • Protect the environment

Technical Data


In Austria, electric scooters are legally classified as electric bicycles. Electric scooters may be used on public roads and cycle paths if the following conditions are met:

Maximum speed of 25 km/h (12 mph)
Maximum motor power of 600 watts
2 side reflectors (white or orange), white front reflector, red rear reflector
Compulsory helmet for children under 12 years of age
Horn or bell
Headlight, rear light

The following are not required:
A driver's license (unlike the requirement for a moped license)
A numberplate

Furthermore, such E-scooters may only be parked on the pavement if it is at least 2.5 metres wide.

The legal framework is constantly changing in all European countries. We therefore do not assume any liability for the accuracy and timeliness of the information!

United Kingdom

E-scooters, hoverboards and hovershoes may be used on private land provided that the land owner grants permission. Since such powered transporters may only be used on private land, there are no laws governing maximum speed, minimum age, brakes, insurance plates, driver’s licences, helmets or indicators.

In the United Kingdom, it is currently illegal to use “powered transporters”, which includes e-scooters, segways, hoverboards, hovershoes, on any public road or space dedicated for use by pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders.

For any vehicle to use public roads lawfully, it must comply with technical standards, be insured, taxed, licensed and registered and the driver must be tested before being allowed on the road. Since e-scooters, hoverboards and hovershoes do not conform with any of these stipulations, it is illegal to drive them on the road.

Powered transporters are also prohibited from using pavements and pedestrian-only areas by section 72 of the Highway Act 1835, which states that it is illegal to ride any form of “carriage” (which applies to all motorised vehicles except mobility scooters and wheelchairs) on the pavement. The Road Traffic Act 1988 moreover prohibits the use of powered transporters on footpaths.

Cycle lanes are also out of bounds for powered transporters according to section 21 of the Road Traffic Act 1988, which states that only pedal cycles (with an exemption for mobility scooters) may use such spaces.



The legal frameworks surrounding the use of powered transporters are constantly changing in every country in Europe. We accept no liability for the accuracy of the information provided, which may not be up-to-date.


In Germany, we now finally have clarity over the use of electric scooters. On 25th February 2019, the Federal Minister of Transport, Andreas Scheurer, signed an ordinance (Ordinance on the Participation of Small Electric Vehicles (PLEVs) in Road Traffic), which from spring 2019 permits the use of e-scooters on the road, on cycle paths and in traffic-calmed areas under the following conditions:

Maximum speed of 20 km/h (12 mph)
Minimum age of 12 years
The electric scooter must have a handlebar
Horn or bell
2 independent brakes
Insurance disc

The following are not required:
A driver's license (unlike the requirement for a moped license)
Wearing a helmet
A numberplate

Draft Ordinance on the Participation of Small Electric Vehicles (PLEVs) in Road Traffic

The legal framework is constantly changing in all European countries. We therefore do not assume any liability for the accuracy and timeliness of the information!


Speed limits
Up to about 6 km/h (the speed of a walker), the user is considered a pedestrian and can therefore use the sidewalk. But if he exceeds this limit, Belgian law considers him a cyclist. It must then be confined to bicycle paths or, failing that, to the road.
Belgian legislation also requires cars to be restricted to 18 km/h, even if some models easily exceed this level. The user caught speeding risks the confiscation of his vehicle. However, this limit will be raised to 25 km/h by the Vias Road Safety Institute on 1 January 2021.

Required control and responsibility
On the insurance side, most companies have adapted, including micro-mobility vehicles in the mandatory family civil liability. As for cyclists, wearing a helmet and a brightly coloured chasuble is not mandatory, but strongly recommended. No permit is required either, even if the implementation of a certificate of aptitude is under consideration.




The legal framework is constantly changing in all European countries. We therefore do not assume any liability for the accuracy and timeliness of the information!


Electric scooters are generally permitted in Switzerland, but under slightly different conditions to those in Austria. On the whole, electric scooters can be ridden in Switzerland wherever bicycles may be used. It is therefore compulsory to use cycle paths and cycle lanes. For the Swiss, electric scooters or electric scooters are classified as light motorcycles and must therefore meet the following requirements:

Maximum speed of 20 km/h (12 mph)
Maximum motor power of 500 watts
The electric scooter must have a handlebar
Horn or bell
Front and rear light
Rear red reflex reflector
No driver's license required from 16 years of age
Moped licence required for users aged between 14 and 16

The following are not required:
A licence plate

The legal framework is constantly changing in all European countries. We therefore do not assume any liability for the accuracy and timeliness of the information!

Tanja K.

02. Okt 2018

I have already had an electric scooter for 4 months and use it daily. I am very happy with it. But it also cost 599 €. Now I have ordered on this website for my daughter. Super fast delivery, unpacked, tried out, simply drives flawlessly. My expensive electric scooter has technically (according to the manual) better values, but I don't notice any difference. Thanks

Carina L.

14. Sept. 2018

Fast delivery, good description included. Simply awesome!

Michael M.

8. Sept. 2018

My wife and I are campers and we afforded two of these e-scooters. It's the cheapest on the market, but still a lot of money for us. Arrived with the camper in Croatia, scooters were of course there, need almost no space. Island explored for days with Scooter.

Warranty declaration and conditions

  1. We, designed4inspiration gmbh, guarantee the following products against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of
    • 24 months for e4fun E-Scooters, e4fun Hoverboards and e4fun Hovershoes
    • 12 months for the batteries used in them if the product proves to be defective during the guarantee period under normal conditions of use and maintenance. The warranty period begins with the initial purchase.
  2. The warranty is only valid on presentation of proof of purchase consisting of an original purchase receipt or a sales receipt stating the date of purchase, the retailer's name and the model designation.
  3. We undertake to replace the defective part or - at our discretion - the product (Service Exchange Unit).
  4. Warranty repairs must be carried out by us or an authorized service partner. The cost of repairs carried out by third parties will not be reimbursed and the warranty does not cover repairs or damage which may be caused by such repairs.
  5. Repair services or replacement under warranty do not entitle the purchaser to ask for the warranty period to be extended or restarted. Repairs and direct replacement under warranty can be carried out with functionally equivalent replacement parts. The warranty does not apply if defects other than those in material or workmanship are discovered. The following items are not covered by the warranty:
    • Regular inspection, maintenance, repair and replacement work due to normal wear and tear.
    • Defects caused by improper use or misuse, including, but not limited to, failure to use this product for its normal purpose or in accordance with our instructions for use and maintenance.
    • Use of the product in conjunction with non-original accessories or accessories not approved for use with this product.
    • Failure of the product due to faulty setup or use that does not comply with the applicable technical or safety-related standards, or failure to comply with the instructions in the product manual.
    • Accidents, force majeure or causes beyond our control caused by lightning, water, fire, public disturbance or inadequate ventilation.
    • Unauthorized modifications made to the product.
    • Damage to the battery due to overcharging or failure to follow the special instructions for dealing with the battery in the product manual.
    • Repairs carried out by unauthorised service centres, e.g. disassembly of the product by an unauthorised person.

We do not provide warranty services in the following circumstances:

  1. The model or product number on the product has been changed, deleted, obscured, or removed.
  2. The batteries have been charged with chargers that are not approved by us or intended for this model.
  3. The product has been exposed to liquids or chemicals of any kind and/or extreme temperatures, moisture or humidity.
  4. A seal on the battery housing or on the battery cells was broken or obviously tampered with.
  5. Damage to the battery due to overcharging or failure to follow the specific instructions in the battery handling product manual.

In the event of a warranty claim, please contact us. The costs for the transport of the defective product to us will not be borne by us.


We are not liable for financial losses, downtimes, rental or hire equipment, travel costs, lost profit or the like in the event of a guarantee claim.

  1. The buyer's rights under applicable national law, i.e. buyer's warranty rights against the seller and buyer's other statutory rights, shall not be affected or limited by this warranty.
  2. Repaired or replaced products may contain new and/or refurbished components and equipment.

Warranty card

The warranty card and warranty information supplied with the product provide details about the product warranty and its terms. This information may refer to a specific website. In this case, the information specified on this website is valid. When filing a warranty claim under this manufacturer's warranty, the end customer must provide the original proof of purchase (i.e. the proof of purchase for the initial purchase of the product by an end customer).

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