Air Block, inflatable training block 100 x 60 x 20 cm

The trampoline for at home!

Air Block, inflatable training block 100 x 60 x 20 cm.
The trampoline for at home!
You have little space at home or just want to jump like in a trampoline for exercise? Then the Air Block is ideal for you. It is quickly inflated, only requires a surface area of 100 x 60 cm and you can jump on it to your heart’s content.
Children love jumping in the trampoline, but what do you do in winter when it’s not possible to use a trampoline? Air Block is the solution!
Air Block can of course also be used outdoors, is shock-absorbent and waterproof due to its thickness (height) of 20 cm. This means that depending on the air setting (harder or softer), you can determine the damping and thus the swing when jumping yourself and adjust it to your ability.
Especially in times of Corona, it is important that children also do more sports at home. Air Block is simply ingenious for this, because children love jumping! Due to its size, there is a place for the Air Block in every household and if it is not needed at the moment, you can let the air out and stow it away.
The scope of delivery includes a repair kit and detailed instructions.
Our Air Block is made of double-sided material and a thick PVC tarpaulin. This results in improved air tightness and longer durability as reinforcements are incorporated at all seams.
Compared to other training equipment, you can regulate the air pressure in the Air Block and thus adjust the hardness and spring behaviour. The Air Block makes no noise during your workout.
You only need a few minutes to inflate or deflate the Air Block.
Repair kit included to ensure a long life.