Hoverboards, a “must have” for the last 3 years

The e4fun Hoverboard is characterized by exceptional handling and a powerful battery.

The board has been popular among children and teenagers for years and can often be seen at playgrounds. The Hoverboard improves one’s balance and is therefore also an ideal sports and leisure device for anyone who wants to assert themselves physically. Shifting one’s weight causes the board to move forwards or backwards, and if the feet are also tilted forwards or backwards, the effect increases. Tilting one’s feet in opposite directions, on the other hand, will make the Hoverboard turn around. Watch the video to see how casual it looks after little practice.

The e4fun Hoverboard features two powerful 250 W motors, is lightweight at just 8 kg and has an extremely trendy multicolour appearance. The board is delivered with a charger and can be fully charged in less than 3 hours. The board has a maximum speed of 12 km/h (7 mph) and is fitted with LEDs that produce a special light effect.

The best thing about the e4fun Hoverboard is the sensational price of €149. Compare for yourself, and you’ll love our board even more if you’ve bought it as a bargain.