Warranty declaration and conditions

  1. We, designed4inspiration gmbh, guarantee the following products against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of
    • 24 months for e4fun E-Scooters, e4fun Hoverboards and e4fun Hovershoes
    • 12 months for the batteries used in them if the product proves to be defective during the guarantee period under normal conditions of use and maintenance. The warranty period begins with the initial purchase.
  2. The warranty is only valid on presentation of proof of purchase consisting of an original purchase receipt or a sales receipt stating the date of purchase, the retailer’s name and the model designation.
  3. We undertake to replace the defective part or – at our discretion – the product (Service Exchange Unit).
  4. Warranty repairs must be carried out by us or an authorized service partner. The cost of repairs carried out by third parties will not be reimbursed and the warranty does not cover repairs or damage which may be caused by such repairs.
  5. Repair services or replacement under warranty do not entitle the purchaser to ask for the warranty period to be extended or restarted. Repairs and direct replacement under warranty can be carried out with functionally equivalent replacement parts. The warranty does not apply if defects other than those in material or workmanship are discovered. The following items are not covered by the warranty:
    • Regular inspection, maintenance, repair and replacement work due to normal wear and tear.
    • Defects caused by improper use or misuse, including, but not limited to, failure to use this product for its normal purpose or in accordance with our instructions for use and maintenance.
    • Use of the product in conjunction with non-original accessories or accessories not approved for use with this product.
    • Failure of the product due to faulty setup or use that does not comply with the applicable technical or safety-related standards, or failure to comply with the instructions in the product manual.
    • Accidents, force majeure or causes beyond our control caused by lightning, water, fire, public disturbance or inadequate ventilation.
    • Unauthorized modifications made to the product.
    • Damage to the battery due to overcharging or failure to follow the special instructions for dealing with the battery in the product manual.
    • Repairs carried out by unauthorised service centres, e.g. disassembly of the product by an unauthorised person.

We do not provide warranty services in the following circumstances:

  1. The model or product number on the product has been changed, deleted, obscured, or removed.
  2. The batteries have been charged with chargers that are not approved by us or intended for this model.
  3. The product has been exposed to liquids or chemicals of any kind and/or extreme temperatures, moisture or humidity.
  4. A seal on the battery housing or on the battery cells was broken or obviously tampered with.
  5. Damage to the battery due to overcharging or failure to follow the specific instructions in the battery handling product manual.

In the event of a warranty claim, please contact us. The costs for the transport of the defective product to us will not be borne by us.


We are not liable for financial losses, downtimes, rental or hire equipment, travel costs, lost profit or the like in the event of a guarantee claim.

  1. The buyer’s rights under applicable national law, i.e. buyer’s warranty rights against the seller and buyer’s other statutory rights, shall not be affected or limited by this warranty.
  2. Repaired or replaced products may contain new and/or refurbished components and equipment.

Warranty card

The warranty card and warranty information supplied with the product provide details about the product warranty and its terms. This information may refer to a specific website. In this case, the information specified on this website is valid. When filing a warranty claim under this manufacturer’s warranty, the end customer must provide the original proof of purchase (i.e. the proof of purchase for the initial purchase of the product by an end customer).