The e4fun Hovershoes are the latest trend

The e4fun Hovershoes are the latest trend in sports equipment for children and teenagers.

Hovershoes are the perfect combination of roller skates, skateboard and hover board and offer a new exciting and unique riding experience! The two single hovershoes enable you to pull off special moves and tricks. You can dance, skate and glide with them, and have endless amounts of hovering fun with them!

Our test subject Raphaela (age 10) was able to ride freely on the Hovershoes after just 2 minutes and after another 5 minutes was able to perform curves and turns. If the shoes are tilted forward, they both move forward, and if they are tilted back slightly then both shoes move backwards. Of course you can also perform a curve by shifting your weight, but to begin with the difficult trick is keeping your legs as parallel and close to each other as possible and not letting yourself get drawn into doing the splits involuntarily. But none of that should be a problem for children and teenagers – our test subject was able to perform perfect curves and manoeuvres in less than 15 minutes. Our 10-year-old found it very funny to ride along with just one shoe, i.e. on one leg, or to gambol around with her knees in the shoes instead.
There is no doubt that the Hovershoes are an ideal sports and leisure device that can help improve the balance of children and adolescents. This balance work is a key requirement in many popular sports (surfing, kiting, skateboarding, surfing) today and the Hovershoes are therefore an ideal training partner.

The Hovershoes are small and light (3 kg each) and can be carried in your backpack at any time. Each Hovershoe has its own motor with batteries that power the independent footplates. The Hovershoes are delivered with a charger, which fully charges the shoes in under 3 hours. And because the shoes can travel up to 10 km with a single charge and reach speeds of up to 15 km/h, you’ll have endless fun and want to glide on and on. In addition, LEDs are attached to the sides of the shoes, flashing in different colours to give you a casual look.
If the capacity of the battery diminishes, it is very easy to replace by yourself. From summer 2019 we will also offer replacement batteries on this page.
Turning, gliding, doing stunts!

e4fun Balance Shoes allow you to move freely, turn around and perform fantastic indoor and outdoor stunts.

Thanks to their independent manoeuvrability, these drift shoes offer you complete freedom of movement and stability when riding.

Discover the e4fun Hovershoes, an innovative, self-balancing pair
of electric roller skates that give you the freedom to explore the world. You are only one step (click) away from your new piece of sports equipment, which will give you and your family hours of enjoyment!